Pro-Visint is a well-regarded company in the ISR and Visual Intelligence arena. With a successful record of project execution around the globe and proven experience in its field of expertise, Pro-Visint introduces innovative solutions of Visual Intelligence products and services.
Pro-Visint has a surpassing specialty in thermal imaging interpretation, based on vast operational experience as well as long term research conducted together with the Israeli Police CSI.
We believe that best practice can be delivered only by the best trainers. Pro-Visint‘s team consists of highly experienced IDF reserve officers in UAV operations, intelligence and photo interpretation, all with practical background in training and operational situations.

PRO-VISINT – Turn our Knowledge into your Knowhow



Our vision

While systems are getting simple to operate the missions become more complicated and with greater cost of mistake. The people operating these systems need higher qualifications for achieving consistently improved results.
We believe that well trained personnel are the key to successfully withstanding future challenges.
In Pro-Visint we harness our experience and accumulated knowledge to enhance our customer’s knowhow.

PRO-VISINT – Our Knowledge – Your Knowhow

 Our Clients