Mr. Chen Granas

Founder & Co-CEO

Mr. Granas is a leader in Real Time Full Motion Video intelligence, thermal analysis and mission execution arena. Mr. Granas led several operational researches of thermal analysis of missing persons finding, awarded by the Israeli Minister of Internal Affairs and IAF Commander.

Mr. Granas (Maj. Ret.) retired from the Israeli Air Force after 23 years of service as an attack helicopters pilot & instructor, and senior UAV operator. Throughout his military service Mr. Granas has held several commanding positions and was in charge of many developments in the UAV mission executing systems.

With a total of more than 5,000 flight hours, most of them operational, Mr. Granas brings with him multi-disciplinary perspective of training methods. Following his retirement from the IAF Mr. Granas was a partner in founding Freedom ltd and developed Full Motion Video training methods and instructional aides. His record shows dozens of excellent graduates around the world.

Mr. Raviv Shenkar

Founder & Co-CEO

Mr. Shenkar is a highly recommended and widely recognized UAV operator instructor in the Israeli Air Force and aviation industry. Mr. Shenkar (Lt. Col. Res.) has a professional background of over 6,500 UAV flight hours and over 25 years of experience, most of them in operational activity.

Earlier in his career Mr. Shenkar served as a traditional Photo Interpreter Officer and later transferred to the UAV Squadron where he served for over 20 years as a UAV interpreter, operator, instructor and evaluator. Throughout his military career, Mr. Shenkar held several commanding positions, educating generations of UAV operators, pioneering in almost every aspect of UAV payloads development and mission execution. Leading a new approach of UAV operator’s training, Mr. Shenkar has set the foundations for the Israeli Air Force’s UAV Academy.

Following his retirement from the Israeli Air Force Mr. Shenkar served as an independent consultant and instructor for IAI/MALAT, Freedom and Global Freedom.

Mr. Tal Catran

Chairman Board of Directors 

Mr. Catran serves as a Director, investor and shareholder of several Startup companies in Israel, varying from software and application to hardware and advanced technologies.

Mr. Catran is the founder and Director of Optimum Group, a premier global provider of information visualization, IT products and services for documenting all facets of engineering, production, maintenance, technical training, marketing and customer support processes.

Mr. Catran, Naval Commander (Res), graduated class of 1990 in Israel Naval Academy. He served for 13 years in the Navy in both operational and administrative duties, and still serves in active reserve duty.

Side by side to his business record, Mr. Catran is active in a number of Social Responsibility activities.
Mr. Catran holds a B.A in Economics and Logistics and an L.L.B degree.

Dr. Haim Assa


Dr. Assa is a Mathematician and Military Systems Analyst for the past 28 years, served as the Chief of National Security Council for the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin (1990-1995). Haim started his professional path in the Israeli Air Force in Operational Research (1976-87). As a director of Assa-Or Ltd, he continues his research in Military Systems Analysis. Dr. Assa served as a strategic adviser to former Foreign Affairs Minister Prof. Shlomo Ben–Ami (1999-2001) and several Israeli parliament members. 

Dr. Assa holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, M.Sc. in Operations Research and Systems Analysis from the Technion in Haifa and Ph.D. Philosophy from Haifa University (2010). In July 1998 he was called upon by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to participate in a think tank which is studying the threat of ground-to-ground missiles.
Dr. Haim Assa is a member of the Israeli National Security Council and is currently a fellow at the Yuval Neeman Science, Technology, and Security Workshop at Tel Aviv University and a lecturer in IDC Hertzeliya: “Political Marketing”.