Pro-Visint’s Products and Services are directed to enhance human factor capabilities and outcomes while operating visual intelligence (VISINT) systems. We provide the knowledge, the unique learning method and tools and the overall training environment.

Our Products and Services, tailor made to customer’s needs, are the fruits of many years of professional experience. Pro-Visint has the knowledge and means to provide its products in a short time frame. We are an expert company with successful experience in WAPS technology.

Pro-Visint has vast experience and knowledge in using “Crowd Sourcing” technology for visual intelligence purposes. This technology was already effectively proven in a number of global crises, and may also be applicable in environmental disasters and military needs.

ISR Academy

“ISR Academy” is a concept which was developed as an outcome of the evolving needs of High-end visual intelligence systems (UAS, Aerostat, Ground based/pole cameras Etc.) getting into service and the continuous development in sensors’ and systems’ capabilities. Pro-Visint approach constantly proves that investing in the operators’ skills and knowledge is enhancing system’s performance.

Based on its vast human operational experience, deep knowledge and the leadership of top professional IAF UAV operators (res.), Pro-Visint developed the ultimate combination between lectures, computerized exercises & tests, highly realistic simulations and mental training. Moreover, by applying our Just-In-Time instruction method, our graduates achieve operational success as soon as they are posted in the field.

Pro-Visint’s method enables its customers to gain their knowledge assimilation in a very short period of time.

ISR Academy can be acquired in three economical models:

    • Full implementation – a two year program which will enable the customer independent capability for self-qualifying it’s trainees to perform their missions.
    • Leasing – the customer will lease all hardware and software while Pro-Visint’s team will deliver the courses.
    • Individual courses at Pro-Visint’s facilities or at the customer’s site

Courses inventory

Our courses and methodology were exercised and proven by the IDF, IAF and worldwide international customers.

  • FMV overview
    One day  seminar for high level personal.
    Target population: Senior commanders, R&D leaders, decision makers.

  • FMV introduction
    3 days, professional related to FMV, personal
    Target population: Intelligence officers, HQ officers, decision makers.

  • Basic FMV interpretation course
    Two weeks professional RT-FMV interpretation basics.
    Target population: RT-FMV: systems operators, interpreters, Mission commanders.

  • FMV qualification interpretation course
    JIT, 4 weeks professional RT-FMV interpretation qualification.
    Target population: RT-FMV: systems operators, interpreters, Mission commanders.

  • Advance FMV interpretation course
    Two weeks high end RT-FMV mission expert course.
    Target population: RT-FMV experienced operators and interpreters, mission expert course.

  • Border control mission execution
    Two weeks  RT-FMV mission specialists course.
    Target population: Border control mission specialists.
  • Civilian application interpretation
    1-2 weeks  RT-FMV mission specialists course.
    Target population: Civil UAVs operators and mission specialists.

  • Basic Thermal Imaging Interpretation
    One week still image and FMV thermal imaging analyses fundamentals course.

The “VITAL” – “Visual Intelligence Training And LMS

The “VITAL” wraps all instructional applications into one holistic LMS that represents Pro-Visint’s instruction method. The “VITAL” contains core knowledge and instruction material, built into a lesson on a specific topic. The “VITAL” is a “SCORM” compatible application which can easily be implemented into different systems.

Pro-Visint’s “operational library” contains a comprehensive library of unclassified and classified, subjects, comprising basic lessons as well as the highest operational knowledge.

The “Vismo” – “Visual Memory Trainer”

One of a kind training application for self study, practice and test, especially designed for human mind interpretation skills enhancement. The system has been proven at many opportunities with a variety of customers. The trainees and the instructor can rely on this effective training tool which gathers all the trainees’ results and information to enable the instruction team to analyze the students’ level of operational expertise.