Pro-Visint’s team will support your vision coming true by consulting and escorting you from early stage of characterizing the right solution for your needs, through analyzing of your missions, understanding your manpower capabilities and training your people to perform their tasks.

Our well regarded team comes from all aspects of the unmanned vehicles spectrum: Squadron leaders, Mission commanders, Interpreters, Internal operators, External operators and chief Technicians.

Professional consulting

  • UAS alignment characterizing
    Tailoring the right UAS; platforms, control stations, payloads, communications and ILS, to your requirements.
    UAS Projects conducting, Designing deployment sites, fleet size, manpower and qualifications requirements.

  • Client’s needs – Analyzing and characterizing
    Analyzing and characterizing client needs to define best UAS operational or commercial cost effective solution.

  • Manpower requirements and qualification characteristic
    Characterize UAS and visual intelligence manpower operating skills for best operational results.
    Qualification courses plan for all relevant occupations.

  • Computerize automatic interpretation algorithms
    Advanced computer algorithms for FMV and other visual intelligence mission enhancement.

  • C4I systems characteristic
    Tailor made C4I for all visual intelligence needs.

Projects Developing & Implementations

  • System building.

  • System characterizing: Control station, control system, platform and payloads.

  • Operational literature writing.

  • Technical literature writing.

  • Team building.

  • Training: Operators, Technicians, Commanders, HQ and full system.